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Arbuthnott House

In the heart of the Scottish countryside, close to the sea and within easy reach of Royal Deeside and the Eastern Highlands lies the Arbuthnott Estate, home of the Arbuthnott family for 37 generations (as of 2023) and nearly 900 years.
Although there are 13th century foundations in the outbuildings, the oldest inhabited area of the house is dated 1420, to which a "twin" structure was added in 1470 constituting the present south wing of the house.  In the 17th century, the "house" was altered again to become  a more domestic residence rather than a fortified retreat. Between 1750 and 1820 a central "Adams" staircase, re-constituted north wing and the Georgian front were created. At this time also, a spectacular bridge, a new drive, lodge and gates, and a fine farm steading were constructed.

Substantial renovations and improvements were undertaken from 2010-12, bringing the House into the 21st century and safeguarding it for future generations of family and visitors.

Maintenance and restoration of this wonderful property is a constant and evolving effort. At the time of writing, the main bridge is undergoing significant remedial works

Renovation of Arbuthnott House 2010-2012.

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